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Describe A Person Who Likes To Buy Goods With Low Prices IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a person who likes to buy goods with low prices. Introduction. Everybody loves shopping and there are many places where one can buy affordable goods. Street markets are popular destinations for buying things at a very reasonable price and the majority of people like to visit streets to buy household things. Those who are specific about the product or brand they go to brand outlets or malls. - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my friend Rakesh who is super conscious about saving money. He doesn't like to spend a penny extra so he does a remoteview before buying anything and finds the best deal. Rakesh is a school friend so I know him from my childhood and from his early days I also accompanied him in street markets to buy things. - What this person likes to buy Rakesh likes to buy almost everything from the streets like electronic gadgets, clothes, footwear, stationary,books, playing equipment and many more he has almost everything that is needed

Describe Something You Do Regularly That Helps You Work And Study Better IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe something you do regularly that helps you work and study better.
Time is the most precious commodity. It's fine if you can not get it back. So people need to manage time in order to be successful. Planning time and dividing work and leisure can make anyone happy and successful. Saving money I have heard of many places but saving time is the need of the hour in the modern world. I always calculate all the things before making any decision and time comes first.

- What it is.
Here, I am going to talk about my coaching class which saves a lot of time.During this pandemic we have realized the true value of time: it's the most important resource. The world was functioning online all business houses, University,offices, governments and organizations. I also started an online course of IELTS and I saved a lot of time and energy.
- When you do it.
As this program is so online so I don't have to travel from my hometown to a nearby city or town. I attended all lectures online. The tutor was so nice that he made the virtual call more like an offline class. 
- How it helps you.
I did this course as it was offered by the most recognised IELTS institute of india and it was never possible for me to move there and study as I also attend my University lectures. So moving there was not a good idea. I decided to enroll online so I will save a lot of time in traveling and economically it sounds good. I will be studying under a pedagogical expert everyday and I can get in touch anytime I feel a doubt. So I decided to do this online.
- And explain how you feel when you do it.
If I enrolled in an offline class I would have to travel 3 hours on a daily commute which would be a total time waste and I would feel tired. And offline classes are noisy and there is so much disturbance from mischievous students who take education for granted so I decided to take this class online and save my time.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions
1. Do you think everyone's routine is different?
Absolutely Yes children have a routine related to academics and sports, women have a routine of household management, and men have a routine of business and professional commitment. Similarly sportspersons, actors, businessmen all have different sets of routines.

2. Which jobs need a morning routine?
Jobs like a doctor, physical therapy trainer, Gym instructor need to be a morning person as they have their clients early in the morning.

3. Is a daily routine important?
Absolutely Yes it helps a lot to save time and energy. If a strict routine is followed then an individual can multitask and save a lot of energy and time. Routine also boosts our physical and mental health.

4. How do people organize their routines after getting up in the morning and after work?
People organize their routine by dividing time into different tasks they have to complete. They give importance according to which one needs more priority and time. In this way they decide their timetable.

5. Do you think children need to have a routine too?
Absolutely Yes a soft routine is always good for children it keeps them alert and awake towards their academic goal. And they get enough time for playing, sports, free time and homework.

6. Do you think routine is important for companies?
All companies have a strict routine and they need to set targets to achieve various tasks so to manage human resource and schedule of various activities they need a routine.

7. What kinds of jobs need patience?
All the jobs in my opinion need patience as it is the most important thing that keeps a person focused and accurate in work. With impatience nothing can be achieved.

8. Do you think people need to be patient in their free time?
No, it is not necessary to be patient in free time. One can do whatever comes in their mind and can also enjoy free time by not following any routine. It's time to relax.

9. Do you think Indian parents should allow their children to do whatever they want to do in their free time?
Indian parents allow their children to do activities which benefit them in the long run. They sometimes put restrictions on playing more video games and parents always want their children to reduce their screen time. Otherwise parents are quite open to let their children do whatever they want to do.

10. What is the routine of people in your country?
People of my country have a routine of daily chores, exercise, meditation , physical exercise, walking and spending time with family and friends. They divide time equally among all of this.

11. What are the routine activities that old people and young people in your country do?
Old people have a routine of doing spiritual and religious activities; they also do meditation and spend time in open spaces. While young people in my country have a routine of playing games, going to gyms, studying, career related activities they need to perform on a regular basis.

12. What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I like to sit idle and do nothing. I simply close my eyes and do meditation. It relieves my stress and gives me energy to perform better.

Do you believe in Time Management?
Yes definitely time management is very important in life in order to be successful one needs to be organized and time management comes first here if we really care about the time we spend on each and every activity that we do extra curricular or in our academics we can definitely reach the pinnacle of success in business and academics and in the sports field also so I believe time management is important in each and everything from organizing to management it is a vital part of any thing.

Today technology is used everywhere and it saves time?
Yes technology saves time as today's technology is so advanced that it has so much features which really help to save time especially when it comes to automation today things can be done automatically using machines so definitely yes using technology we can save lot of time mass production can be done precise designing and many other robotics can be done with the help of technology I believe so technology saves times and make things better and human resources are used in the best way with technology.

What do you think about people who don't care about time?
I think so this people are very lazy and unorganized and they don't care about themselves and the work they are assigned they don't reach even near to success and they are nobody in the society especially we should stay away from this kind of people who don't care about time because they are not sincere about themselves and they cannot be sincere towards the work assigned to them so we people don't take this people so much seriously and we stay away from this kind of guys.

Is planning important to achieve success? 
Planning is very much important to achieve success because when we plan we organize all our resources time and finances in a very specific way that we can do anything with minimum energy and maximum output planning is also important to make anything successful if planning is done precisely then the event or the organization is going to definitely achieve success so planning is very much important.

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