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Describe A Sport That You Only Have Watched Before But Have Not Played Yourself IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself. Introduction. Sports is something that everybody enjoys to play and watch. This really disconnects us from the real world and makes us totally engrossed in the game. Playing sports helps to strengthen our physical and mental strength while watching it also can give an adrenaline rush if the game reaches a tough competition. - What it is Here I am going to talk about football and it's my most favorite game all over the world and people are die hard fans of this game. In my country India people are cricket fans they enjoy playing and watching cricket and football is less played compared to cricket. - When you watched it. I am a cricket fan and I have played this game regularly since my childhood. Recently our city council decided to organize all outdoor games in the sports club and the motive was to promote sports so they included football teams from nearby towns. In summer all this games

Describe A Development In Your Country Like Shopping Center, Park IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe A Development In Your Country Like Shopping Center, Park 


Today development is happening all around the country and the government is alert and active to provide new facilities, Amenities and infrastructure in terms of entertainment for the public. Government wants to make structures that are larger than life and this will bring economic prosperity to the state when tourism will boost. My state government recently constructed the world's biggest statue, cricket stadium and many more things.

- What is the development

Here I am going to talk about a bridge construction which is the talk of the town. It's not for vehicles, Atal Pedestrian Bridge is a pedestrian triangular truss bridge at Sabarmati Riverfront on Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It has a design inspired by kites. Inaugurated in 2022, it is 300 meters long and 10 meters to 14 meters wide.

- When you heard about it

I heard this news from a television program. The construction was completed by June 2022. On 27 August 2022, it was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I felt excited and the design of this bridge is totally amazing and beautiful. It's like a piece of art.

- How did it influence you?

This influenced me at first glance. It really looks wonderful and builds solid. The bridge is shaded by colorful fabric panels with colors inspired by kites. They protect people from harsh climate.2600 metric tones of steel pipes were used in its construction. The railings are made of steel and glass. It's like a megastructure in the city. Now it has become a popular tourist spot and people from all around come here to visit. It has become a tourist trap.

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Model Answer 2 

Describe A Development In Your Country Like Shopping Center, Park.


Development is happening all around my city in terms of infrastructure and good schools, overbridges,parks, hospitals, libraries and many more are being built. Some of them are being modernized and others are new construction. The old properties in the heart of the city are being renovated but in the hinterland where new housing is built everything is new and morden. It has the best facilities and amenities.

- What is the development?

Here I am going to talk about the newly built Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai which is really interesting and fascinating. I believe it is the best airport in India. When one visits this place it feels like today's modernized place. It has the best facilities and amenities inside the airport. The interior is done keeping the Indian history and culture in mind. The carvings represent Indian art and heritage. Everything is made to be perfect and comfortable for the visitors and traveler's. 

- When you heard about it.

I heard about it a couple of years ago when it was inaugurated and kept open to the public. I came across news in the media. And recently I got an opportunity to visit this place and for a while I was mesmerized. The interior really grabs your attention. I realized why all the media were making news about this place. It is so satisfying to watch this whole place.

- How did it influence you?

It really influenced me a lot. It was something I wanted to visit and it felt wonderful. In my country we are also building infrastructure which is complementing the world's modern buildings. 

Model Answer 3

Describe A Development In Your Country Like Shopping Center, Park 


Development is happening everywhere in my country. The new India is becoming a country with good Infrastructure, in Tourism and business Today people live to travel and traveling opens one mental horizon. People travel for leisure and entertainment. There are many places in my country where people love to visit. These places offer many facilities, amenities and infrastructure for total enjoyment. 

- What is the development?

Here I am going to talk about the tallest statue built in my country and its a very popular Infrastructure built in recent times.This attraction is a statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who is known as the iron man of India and he has a lot of political significance in my country. People of India admire him a lot. In respect of the legend. The government of India has built the tallest statue of unity in my country. Moreover,This statue is located near the sardar sarovar dam in narmada district in Gujarat and it's becoming very popular with local and foreign visitors. As it is located near the dam a lot of people visit every year.

- When you heard about it?

When the announcement was made about the constitution of this statute. It became a popular topic in the media. As it was the tallest infrastructure made in my home state and every media platform was discussing it in detail. I read a lot of stories about this and felt proud about it.

- How did it influence you?

Its humongous size influenced me so. I always wanted to know more about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel so I decided to visit this place. There is a wonderful museum inside the statue which provides essential information about the legend and his life journey.I would recommend tourists to come here and visit this place because of its huge height. It's 182 meters which makes it the tallest statue in the world and there is a viewing gallery inside the statue from where we can have a wonderful view of the surroundings and Sardar sarovar dam. Which makes it look more beautiful.



Part 3 Follow up questions 

1.) What transportation do you use the most?

I use public and private transport according to my needs. When I am traveling long distances then I prefer public transport as it is safe to travel alone and I use my personal vehicles in short distances as it is convenient to save time.

2.) Is public transportation popular in India?

Absolutely yes it is Very popular in the metro cities. Most of the people use Metro trains to avoid traffic congestion and save time and money. People are becoming aware about the environmental issues so they are encouraged to use public transport. It's more convenient,fast and reliable in metro cities.

3.) What can be improved in public transport services?

Everything is developing at a rocket speed in India. Public transport should be more convenient, fast more frequent and new vehicles should be added. New routes should be added every year so people can take maximum benefit of it.

4.) What leisure facilities can be used by people of all ages?

People from different ages prefer various activities like older people like to hangout in gardens and have spiritual and religious talks and activities,they also do some light exercise and play soft games. On the other hand the youth are more loud and adventurous. They prefer playing sports and watching movies and hanging out with friends in different places. They love to party hard.

5.) Do you think young people in your country like to visit cinemas?

Absolutely yes young people love to watch movies and it's their favorite activity. They love to watch movies with their friends. 

6.) How is the subway system developing in your country?

There is good development in the field of infrastructure in my country. Metro is introduced to every mega city authorities are even opening more routes to connect different parts of city's. Subway is something that everyone wants in their city's so it's developing very fast.

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