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Describe A Sport That You Only Have Watched Before But Have Not Played Yourself IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself. Introduction. Sports is something that everybody enjoys to play and watch. This really disconnects us from the real world and makes us totally engrossed in the game. Playing sports helps to strengthen our physical and mental strength while watching it also can give an adrenaline rush if the game reaches a tough competition. - What it is Here I am going to talk about football and it's my most favorite game all over the world and people are die hard fans of this game. In my country India people are cricket fans they enjoy playing and watching cricket and football is less played compared to cricket. - When you watched it. I am a cricket fan and I have played this game regularly since my childhood. Recently our city council decided to organize all outdoor games in the sports club and the motive was to promote sports so they included football teams from nearby towns. In summer all this games

Describe An Occasion When You Heard Someone Complaining About Something in A Restaurant/Store or Other Business Places IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe an occasion when you heard someone complaining about something in a restaurant/store or other business places.
Complaining happens when services are not delivered properly and people are left unsatisfied and frustrated. It is not good for an organization, company,or a government. Whenever a complaint comes it should be addressed to property and justice should be done. Sometimes people make unwanted complaints to get better services and priority. This kind of activity should not be tolerated.

- When and where it happened.
I am a businessman and my family deals in government projects and many times We come across people who are corrupt and greedy for money. They can go to any extent to make money. I was bidding for a tender in a public office in my state and the officer asked for a bribe. Which is totally against my ethics so my manager decided to complain about it.

- What he/she complained about.
Our Manager Mr Singh. decided to teach him a lesson and complained to anti corruption officials. Our government is so active and alert to reduce and totally remove corruption from our state. They have promised people a corruption free state. He wrote to the ministry in detail what is happening in public offices and described everything in detail with names of officers involved and the activities they did.

- What the result was.
So within a week anti corruption officers contacted Mr. Singh and explained to him the whole sting operation. And they told him his role was to catch this official red handed. So Did everything according to their needs and they recorded and arrested the official and dismissed him from the duty as part of zero tolerance in corruption. I was really very happy with the functioning of my state government. They do not tolerate any kind of nuisance. And we law abiding citizens feel safe and secure.

- And explain how you felt about the experience.
I feel a sense of relief that businessmen can work efficiently if the government is clear about policy and maintaining law and order. Nobody should be above or below the law and justice should be delivered on time so nobody dares to do anything wrong.
Part 3 Follow Ups
1. How do companies train their staff to deal with complaints?
Companies train staff to handle complaints through workshops, role-playing, and customer service modules, enhancing communication and problem-solving skills.

2. What do people usually complain about?
People commonly complain about issues like poor customer service, product defects, delayed deliveries, and billing discrepancies.

3. How do most people complain, in writing or by other methods?
Certainly, people often choose written complaints because it provides a record of the issue, allows for clear articulation of concerns, and can be easily shared with customer service teams. Additionally, written complaints are less time-sensitive and can be addressed at the convenience of both parties.

4. How do people often respond to poor customer service?
People typically respond to poor customer service by expressing dissatisfaction through complaints, seeking resolutions, or sharing negative feedback online and through word of mouth.

5. How would you react if you received poor service at a restaurant?
In such a situation, it's important to remain composed and articulate specific aspects of the poor service, whether it be slow service, incorrect orders, or other issues. Politely conveying expectations for a resolution helps create a constructive dialogue with the staff, improving the chances of a positive outcome.

6. Who is more likely to make complaints, older people or younger people?
While it varies, younger people tend to be more vocal about complaints, often using digital platforms, while older individuals may prefer traditional channels or direct communication with businesses.

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