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Describe A Successful Person Who You Once Studied Or Worked With IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with. Introduction. Success is beautiful and everyone wants to be celebrated and admired. One needs to Burn midnight oil and spend sleepless nights to taste success and face a series of failures but when we achieve the goal everything starts shining and people want to listen to everything about the success story. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATSAPP CHANNEL   - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my colleague Mr Joy who is a successful business today. He owns his own company and deals with international clients. Today his company is the leading software developer in the market. - When you studied/worked with this person. I met Mr. Joy when we worked together in a private limited company just after my graduation. I was an intern at that time and I got a wonderful opportunity to work with him. He was our team leader and guided us in our work. My job was to assist him in various projects. Mr. Joy wa

Describe A Time That Something Changed Your Life In Good Ways.

Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways.


Change is something that is happening everywhere and nobody can avoid changes. We literally need to update and upgrade to match the world so we can learn new skill sets and become more productive. I have learnt many things at different stages of my life and they all have been useful to me in enhancing my work life balance.


- When and where it happened.

There are changes happening every sunrise and in this work of technology and artificial intelligence we can expect something new any time. I normally do my writing work by myself but with recent developments of artificial intelligence software things have totally changed. Today new applications are launched and they can be extremely helpful in making our work easy.

- What happened- How you felt about it.

With the launch of AI based applications my work is divided and I can work more efficiently and be more productive in many ways it gives me. Excellent ideas to elaborate my writing. In the beginning I felt it would take out jobs but now after using it I have felt it reduces workload and works in benefit of me.

- And explain how it changed your life in good ways.

Today I produce more output and become more productive. With a small idea I can literally develop a full-fledged article with good details so in my work it has become an integral part. I have started doing more work and also this has benefitted me financially and made my life more beautiful.

Model Answer 2

Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways.


There are many habits that can change one's life in a positive way, eating a balanced diet, exercise and developing good academic skills can really change the direction of your life. I also adopted some good academic habits and saw spectacular changes in my life.

- When and where it happened.

Here I am going to talk about my reading habit which made a lot of difference in my academics today. I am totally a changed person compared to my past. On my last birthday I received a book as a gift from my teacher and this journey began.

- What happened- How you felt about it.

This book was about a boy from a poor family and how he achieved success and many incidents were written in so much detail that I cried while reading there were lots of stories of struggle and challenges the boy faced. But with determination and dedication he reached the pinnacle of success and became a role model for his country. 

- And explain how it changed your life in good ways.

I always wanted to become popular but never worked for it when I read this book. I felt that a lot of experience and hard work is required to become successful. I started reading from that day and my academics improved and my memory was working like magic. I started remembering everything in detail. I realized when you do something with absolute interest and attention things simply because easy today I am thankful to my teacher who have me this book and enlighten my academics.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. Is your country changing rapidly?

Absolutely yes there are development everywhere in infrastructure, education, health and entertainment, today India is known for Information and technology and rapidly developing countries with good progress cards.

2. What can smartphones do these days?

Smartphones can do unbelievable things without a smartphone morden life can not be imagined. It plays an important role in education, business, entertainment, shopping, electronic payments, playing games, clicking pictures, and watching movies. The benefits are uncountable and people are benefiting in many ways.

3. Since most people do work on their computers, why do they still need to go to the office?

People do most of their work in the office and it's a place where all the colleagues get-together and work on a project under guidance of management. If some work is remaining it can be done at home using a personal computer. 

4. Do you think people's work in the future will be heavily affected by technology?

Absolutely yes technology is spreading like a wildfire and no area has remained untouched by technology. There are growing trends and people are benefiting in many ways. In the future business will totally become virtual and there will be no need for physical space. People will work from remote locations and technology will replace many other things in the workfront.

5. Compare the pace of technological progress in the past and in the present?

In the past everything was slow and manually done which had a human touch with emotions and craftsmanship. Today everything is fast and technological which can be copied easily and there is no human involvement in anything everything is machine made which has many adverse effects also.

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