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Describe A Successful Person Who You Once Studied Or Worked With IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with. Introduction. Success is beautiful and everyone wants to be celebrated and admired. One needs to Burn midnight oil and spend sleepless nights to taste success and face a series of failures but when we achieve the goal everything starts shining and people want to listen to everything about the success story. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATSAPP CHANNEL   - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my colleague Mr Joy who is a successful business today. He owns his own company and deals with international clients. Today his company is the leading software developer in the market. - When you studied/worked with this person. I met Mr. Joy when we worked together in a private limited company just after my graduation. I was an intern at that time and I got a wonderful opportunity to work with him. He was our team leader and guided us in our work. My job was to assist him in various projects. Mr. Joy wa

Describe A Piece of Good Advice That You Gave to Someone IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone.
Giving and receiving advice is a tradition in my culture. Elders guide youngsters with their experience and knowledge, friends also advise each other whenever they find their friend in difficulty or confused. A good piece of advice can be light in extreme darkness. People who are making important decisions regarding future, business, finance, buying expensive things , investment should always seek advice from people who are good in their field. 

- Who you gave the advice to.
Here I am going to talk about my friend Jill who was seeking my advice on his higher education and I helped him to make the correct decision with my knowledge and experience.

- What the advice was.
I advised him to figure out his interest and opportunity in the future. Today the world is moving towards artificial intelligence and everything is backed by AI so he wanted to study something related to computer and I suggested him to study Artificial intelligence as a higher education.

- Why you gave the advice.
I gave this advice as I see increasing internet speed. Everything will be automated and for this there will be a huge demand in the area of AI and there will be abundant jobs. My friend Jill is very interested in coding and software. I thought his interest will be fulfilled and he will have a successful career. it's the right time to invest time and energy in the right direction. So I gave him this advice.

- And explain how he/she followed your advice.
We had an elaborate discussion on this topic and he did a good research on this interest and future scope in computer science. He also did a remote view on the internet and figured out institutions running courses Nationally and Internationally. At last he got admission in an American University with scholarship so he was happy with my advice and guidance.
Model Answer 2 
Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone.
Giving advice to people who are unaware and lost is a good thing. We give and take advice from parents,elders, neighbors, teachers, and experts of a particular field. Small children need a lot of guidance. I guide people around me who need my advice.

- Who you gave the advice to.
Here I am to talk about a piece of advice I gave to a teenage girl living in the neighborhood and it was so enlightening that it benefited her in ameliorating her health.

- What the advice was.
I was observing her from some times and she was facing a lot of health issues and her mother was in stress due to her deteriorating health. We meet on various occasions in our neighborhood so I had a conversation with her and I figured out about her eating habits. She used to eat a lot of junk food and live a totally sedentary lifestyle. I suggested she consult my dietitian and eat a balanced diet. Also I told to start physical activities like playing outdoor games and join dance class.

- Why you gave the advice.
I gave her this advice because I felt this girl needs a direction to life and when it is in front of my eyes I will do it. I explained her effects of preserved foods, and ingredients used to make those tasty fast-foods. I also told her eating habits and living an absolute sedentary life complements each other and results in impairment of organs. She took my advice seriously and started working on it.

- And explain how he/she followed your advice.
She joined a dance class after my advice and started eating a balanced diet she stopped eating anything made out of her house and because so active and alert we played badminton every day in the evening and I kept her motivating to continue and In a year all her health issues were vanished in thin air and she scored good in academics, took part in extracurricular activities and won a prize. Her parents were so thankful to me for guiding her to a path towards success.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions
1.Do you think parents should give their children advice?
Absolutely yes parents should give children advice about their academics and extracurricular activities. Their experience and knowledge can help them be better in whatever field they want to go to. Ahead parents' guidance is always valuable for children so they should always take their advice when they start anything new in their academy and extra curricular activities.

2. Should teachers give students advice?
Absolutely yes teachers give very good advice to the students as they know their students very well academically they can identify their weaknesses and give them proper advice how to progress in their particular weak area teachers advice is equally important as parents advice it helps them to shape there career and academics.

3. Do you think it is necessary for us to listen to friends’ advice?
Definitely yes it is absolutely necessary to listen to our friends advice as our friends on our weakness and strength they can advise us what is good for us and what is bad for us. Our friends are very close to us and they walk with us in every difficult situation so we should always take advice from our friends.

4. How do people give young people and old people advice?
People give advice in many different ways. They give advice on careers, they give advice in the areas where they are starting new projects and the advice of old people is more valuable as they are more experienced in life. Advice for old people is always regarding health and technology as they need more information on these topics.

5. What are the areas in which people are more or less willing to accept advice?
People are less willing to take advice on personal matters like relationships and partnership as these things are more personal. People also do not take advice on financial and judiciary matters as these areas are more sensitive and only experience and experts can give correct advice. People don't take this kind of advice from amatutes.

6. Have you ever received any advice from professional people,like a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher?
Yes I have received much important advice from my family doctor on health issues. My teachers also guide me whenever I am confused in my academics. I take the advice of lawyers when I am dealing with legal matters as their advice is very important to me in specific matters.

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