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Describe A Successful Person Who You Once Studied Or Worked With IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with. Introduction. Success is beautiful and everyone wants to be celebrated and admired. One needs to Burn midnight oil and spend sleepless nights to taste success and face a series of failures but when we achieve the goal everything starts shining and people want to listen to everything about the success story. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATSAPP CHANNEL   - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my colleague Mr Joy who is a successful business today. He owns his own company and deals with international clients. Today his company is the leading software developer in the market. - When you studied/worked with this person. I met Mr. Joy when we worked together in a private limited company just after my graduation. I was an intern at that time and I got a wonderful opportunity to work with him. He was our team leader and guided us in our work. My job was to assist him in various projects. Mr. Joy wa

Describe An Occasion When You Waited A Long Time For A Nice Thing IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe an occasion when you waited a long time for a nice thing.


Waiting is difficult and impossible for some. Developing patience is necessary to become successful. We need to wait for fantastic things to happen and when the thing happens we feel over the moon waiting in a line is altogether different from other experiences and we get an opportunity to interact with many other people with similar interests and share our emotions with them.


- When it happened.

Here I am going to share my wonderful waiting experience to buy my latest iPhone which was launched recently. I purchased 15 pro max and this was the phone I was waiting to buy for my father. I wanted to give him this gift.

- What a nice thing it was.

The nice thing was the latest phone itself had the top notch features. My father is an apple user and he shared his wish to buy the latest one so I thought to buy first when it was launched.

- How long you waited.

I had to wait a long time. I do not remember the exact time but I can roughly calculate it was more than ten hours and it was quite a mixed experience. Physically it was terrible and mentally I was curious to have the latest gadget in my hand. I saw a lot of youth and iphone lovers waiting patiently and there was no mark of pain on their face. They were all chatting and making videos and sharing their experiences with each other.

- Why did you wait for a long time.

I had to wait just because of the huge demand for the product and when it comes to the iPhone there are diehard fans of this Apple product. Who can go to any extent to buy the top notch phone. The store was recently inaugurated but had good service. They organized everything so nicely that people who had to wait felt less trouble. I had to wait just because there were more than five hundred other buyers before me and I had to wait for my turn.

- And explain how you felt about the experience.

The experience is unforgettable and a memory in my mind as I had to struggle to buy something that is in huge demand and people are crazy to buy one. When I got my phone in hand all the physical pain turned into excitement and joy so this was the experience when I had to wait in a long line for a nice thing to happen.

Model Answer 2 

Describe an occasion when you waited a long time for a nice thing.

Introduction.- When it happened- 

Here I am going to talk about my Waiting experience.Waiting is hard and extremely difficult for those who are impatient. A memorable instance when I patiently waited for something delightful took place during my summer vacation last year. It was the eagerly anticipated release of a new book by my favorite author, and I had been anticipating its arrival for months.

What a nice thing it was.- How long you waited.

I had pre-ordered the book online, and its release date was set for a scorching July afternoon. The wait felt interminable, spanning approximately six months from the moment I learned about the book until its actual release. My eagerness stemmed from a deep admiration for the author's work, and I couldn't wait to immerse myself in the world of words they would craft once again.

- Why you waited for a long time.

The patience required for this wait was justified by the excitement and anticipation that brewed within me. As the days inched closer to the release, I found myself constantly checking for updates, re-reading the author's previous works, and engaging in conversations with fellow fans to share our enthusiasm. When the long-anticipated day finally arrived.

- And explain how you felt about the experience

I was overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction as I held the book in my hands. The hours I had spent waiting melted away as I delved into its pages, and the experience left me with a profound sense of contentment and appreciation for the art of patience.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. On what occasions do people have to wait for a long time?

People have to wait for many reasons. The primary reason is public transport. Another reason is that when there is rush and over booking in restaurants, sometimes in public offices people have to wait for their turn. People also have to wait for consulting doctors as they have a long appointment list.

2. What do people do while waiting?

People do many things while they are waiting. The first is having conversation with fellow waiting people, then they listen to music,do some work on their smartphone using the internet or simply browse the internet to read news. Some chat or talk to their friends in their free time.

3. Are most people patient while waiting?

Not all of them are patient while waiting, especially children who can not wait. They get impatient so quickly. Others, like amateurs, also have the same behavior for waiting. They are so curious and they want everything at lighting speed which is not possible.

4. Do you like to wait for a long time? Why?

Waiting for me is not hard. I do manage my time but if sometimes I have to wait I will definitely wait patiently and not get exhausted. Instead of getting irritated, I will spend time on my research and read some interesting articles on the internet. I have no dedicated time for extra reading so when I get this opportunity I do my reading work.

5. Why do most children have difficulties waiting for a long time?

Children are so curious and over excited in everything they do not have patience and they get irritated so quickly. This is because of their immature nature. 

6. Do people queue consciously while waiting for the subway train?

Yes absolutely they have to queue in Subway just to avoid any conflict and there are strict ground rules regarding maintaining the laws enforced by authorities. If they break this law then strict action can be taken.

7. Do you think patience is important?

Absolutely yes it's necessary to be patient. Without patience one can not become balanced and still in many tasks one needs to wait for the right time. Everything should not be done in a hurry.

8. Why is it difficult for children to be patient?

Children are curious and they are excited about everything . Once they are promised something they will ask again and again without having patience.Children may have less developed impulse control compared to adults, making it harder to resist immediate desires or impulses.

9. How to teach children patience?

We can teach children time management and the importance of waiting by organizing time for different tasks. We teach children patience by modeling patient behavior, setting clear expectations, and providing opportunities for them to practice waiting and delaying gratification.

10. Would you easily feel angry when you wait for a long time?

If I have to wait for a valid and reasonable reason then I don't even mind waiting but if sometimes it is not serious and keeps me waiting then I don't like such behavior I want others to respect time as I do.

11. Have you ever been late to meet someone?

Yes, on several occasions I have been late due to some unexpected work or traffic. When this kind of situation arises I make a call and inform them about my schedule so they can carry on with other commitments.

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