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Describe A Successful Person Who You Once Studied Or Worked With IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with. Introduction. Success is beautiful and everyone wants to be celebrated and admired. One needs to Burn midnight oil and spend sleepless nights to taste success and face a series of failures but when we achieve the goal everything starts shining and people want to listen to everything about the success story. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATSAPP CHANNEL   - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my colleague Mr Joy who is a successful business today. He owns his own company and deals with international clients. Today his company is the leading software developer in the market. - When you studied/worked with this person. I met Mr. Joy when we worked together in a private limited company just after my graduation. I was an intern at that time and I got a wonderful opportunity to work with him. He was our team leader and guided us in our work. My job was to assist him in various projects. Mr. Joy wa

Describe A Bad Service You Received In A Restaurant/Shop IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant/shop.


Bad service in restaurants can significantly impact the dining experience, leaving customers frustrated and dissatisfied. Whether it's slow service, rude staff, or incorrect orders, poor service can overshadow even the best food.


- When and where it happened.

Here I am going to talk about a bad experience I had when we went to a restaurant for the celebration of my birthday. A new restaurant has recently opened and it's a big name in town. So we all decided to celebrate our good time here.

- What happened?

We booked the venue for twenty people as everything was pre decided we did not worry and reached on time for a dinner party. When we reached there was no preparation done by the restaurant and they completely forgot the advance booking and we had to wait for two hours which left us exhausted and spoiled our day.

- How it was solved.

As it was a popular restaurant chain , I decided to complain to the higher authorities. I drafted a mail mentioning everything we faced regarding our booking and attached all related documents and payment details. I got a call from the senior manager and he assured us of good service in a few minutes and they called us and gave us our table and started serving our order. The food they served was also not us to the mark but we had to continue as we made full payment in advance. 

- And explain how you felt about the experience.

It was really a very bad experience I had received in my entire life and my birthday was spoiled just because of this poor management. I wrote a negative feedback on Google and they apologize for the inconvenience we faced and gave us discount to make us happy but after poor service and bad food I decided to never step in this place so this was a bad experience I had in a restaurant.

Model Answer 2

Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant/shop.


Encountering poor service in a retail setting can be disheartening, especially when customers are eager to find the products they need and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. A negative encounter with unhelpful staff or disorganized operations can leave shoppers frustrated and dissatisfied.

When and where it happened.

I'd like to recount an unfortunate experience I had while shopping at a well-known boutique clothing store in the heart of the city. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was hoping to find a special outfit for an upcoming event.

What happened?

As I entered the store, I noticed that it was quite crowded, which was understandable for a weekend. However, the situation escalated when I realized that the store was severely understaffed. There was a notable absence of employees on the sales floor, and those who were present seemed overwhelmed and disinterested in assisting customers. I struggled to find the items I was looking for, and there was no one available to answer my questions or offer guidance.

How was it resolved?

Frustrated by the lack of assistance, I decided to escalate the issue to the store manager. I explained the situation and emphasized the importance of a customer-friendly shopping experience. The manager promptly apologized for the inconvenience and quickly called in additional staff to assist customers. While this did alleviate some of the issues, it couldn't fully salvage the initial poor impression created by the lack of service.

And explain how you felt about the experience?

This shopping experience left me deeply disappointed. As a customer, I value a welcoming and efficient shopping environment where my needs are addressed promptly. The initial lack of attention and assistance tarnished my perception of this otherwise reputable store. While the manager's response was appreciated, it served as a stark reminder of the vital role that attentive and well-trained staff play in ensuring a positive shopping experience.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. How do most people respond to bad services?

People respond in many ways, some become aggressive and others give negative feedback. Today people who get bad services also tweet on social media and make people aware about the bad services.

2. Do you think services are better now than in the past?

Absolutely yes today the standard of services has improved significantly. People expect high level of attention when they buy or sell things so compared to past today with the help of technology services have improved.

3. What kind of services are bad services?

The services which we consider bad are like delay in delivery, product malfunction, no communication and fake promises are considered as bad services.

4. Why do some people choose to remain silent when they receive bad services?

Some people are not so expressive and they do not raise their voice as they believe they do not have more options. While others are quite specific about their demands and choiyso they can not remain silent when they recybad services.

5. Who should be responsible for bad services?

Company and the management should be responsible for the bad services. If one is doing business they should take proper care of their customers and their needs for the product and services.

6. As a boss, what would you do to prevent bad services?

As a Boss I would take care of my customers needs and I would ensure they do not face any difficulty in services.

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