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Describe A Person Who Likes To Buy Goods With Low Prices IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a person who likes to buy goods with low prices. Introduction. Everybody loves shopping and there are many places where one can buy affordable goods. Street markets are popular destinations for buying things at a very reasonable price and the majority of people like to visit streets to buy household things. Those who are specific about the product or brand they go to brand outlets or malls. - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my friend Rakesh who is super conscious about saving money. He doesn't like to spend a penny extra so he does a remoteview before buying anything and finds the best deal. Rakesh is a school friend so I know him from my childhood and from his early days I also accompanied him in street markets to buy things. - What this person likes to buy Rakesh likes to buy almost everything from the streets like electronic gadgets, clothes, footwear, stationary,books, playing equipment and many more he has almost everything that is needed

Describe A Time When You Missed an Appointment IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe A Time When You Missed An



Time management is most important in the modern world. One who manages time in the best way gets the best results of their efforts. Missing an appointment can be a terrible experience when you hardly get an appointment. So whenever you have a commitment to meet someone you should take it seriously and if something doesn't work well you should reschedule the appointment so the other person can manage time.

When and where it happened;

Here I am going to talk about an incident when I missed an appointment for my vaccination. It was the time of the pandemic and the government started vaccinations all over the country. I booked my appointment from the Conwin application and I got an appointment in a vaccination center very far away from my hometown. As the vaccine was important and it was scarce so I booked my appointment.

What the appointment was for;

The appointment was for my vaccination and it was my first shot of immunization so I was ready and my friend took public transport to a nearby town where I was given the appointment between 10 to 11 the time frame was strict and mandatory for everyone to follow as there was heavy rush for vaccination.

What happened when you missed it;

I missed the appointment as my bus was stuck in the traffic jam and reached the vaccination center late by a couple of hours and my vaccine was given to somebody else. The medical officer told me to book another appointment and reach the venue before the time allotted as they were also given strict guidelines to follow.

And explain how you felt about missing the appointment.

I felt terrible like a loser. I was a bit angry at myself. I blamed my bad luck and immediately booked another appointment and decided to get it done as soon as possible. And from that day I have decided not to rely on any unreliable thing. 

Model Answer 2

Describe A Time When You Missed An



Nobody likes to break a commitment made to others. But sometimes we fall into situations where we can not reach and deliver. It feels terrible when someone hopeful and committed is disappointed. One should be good in time management to reach the pinnacle of success and if a commitment is broken it should be taken seriously.

When and where it happened;

Here I am going to share my experience when I missed an important appointment with a local political leader i made some suggestions regarding my area and he showed keen interest in developing and getting the maintenance work done.

What the appointment was for;

The appointment was regarding the maintenance of a public park in my area and construction of an overbridge for traffic solution. In my area people are irritated by bottleneck traffic and rubbish in the park. Many times we have complained and tried to solve this issue. I had a casual conversation about this issue with a local political leader and he called me for further discussion and he assured me to arrange a workforce for maintenance and a budget for construction of infrastructure.

What happened when you missed it;

I had to meet him in the evening in his office but I was not well that day and due to heavy fever I slept the whole day. I got a call from his office about the meeting but my father informed them about my health and rescheduled the meeting for next week. 

And explain how you felt about missing the appointment.

I felt bad in the beginning but my father explained to me that health comes first and when I met him I apologized to him and explained the whole condition. He understood and we had a fruitful conversation about the development of my area. So when I got good results from my work in my area I felt satisfied. Missing an appointment is not good but meeting with bad health can also have a negative effect on work. This is what I felt about the whole situation.


Describe a time when you missed an



Taking an appointment is the best way to save time and today in this busy world people care a lot about time. Everyone wants to make the best use of their time. So they do time management by giving appointments to their customers and clients. Today even skilled people work with appointments. If you approach anyone without prior appointment you may be disappointed.

Main Answer.

Here I am going to talk about a situation when I missed my appointment With my doctor. 

When and where it happened;

I was feeling a little bit unwell from the last few days and had a mild chest pain so I had a discussion with my parents. They suggested that I consult with a physician and get a check up. I missed this appointment just because a political party was having a rally and there was a huge traffic jam. Some roads were blocked due to the VIP movements in the city. I was on my way to the hospital and got stuck in the middle of the road when a popular leader was passing through that road.

What the appointment was for;

The appointment was for some tests that my physician suggested to me. He wrote some important reports and I had booked my slot for blood collection and x-ray other tests. After examining the report the doctor was going to prescribe me medicine.

What happened when you missed it;

When I reached the hospital I was the last patient so the doctor told me to wait and asked me the reason for the delay in time. I explained my situation and the lab technician conducted all the tests. It took a long time to finish the entire process. I was late back home. I informed my parents I would be late as I have missed my appointment.

And explain how you felt about missing the appointment.

I felt really bad about missing the appointment. It was not my fault at all and I was late for my home. Sometimes we have to face these kinds of situations in urban areas. Which is totally annoying for both sides. I was thankful to the lab technician and doctor for understanding my situation and making the best use of time and finishing it in one day.

Describe A Time When You Missed an Appointment Model Answer 4


Today's everybody wants to make the best use of their valuable time. People who are committed and value time are extremely successful. Everyone wants to manage their work-life balance so they give appointments to their clients and friends for important meetings. Due to emergency situations people have to reschedule their appointments just because they have missed them.

Main Answer 

Here I am going to talk about a time when I missed my appointment.

When and where it happened;

Actually I had a very important meeting at my office and clients from a multinational company were visiting us. It was a scheduled meeting and I was going to attend it. I had to make a very important discussion on my part and it was only possible when we met face to face. So I gave them an appointment.

What the appointment was for;

The appointment was for an upcoming infrastructure project in my city and they were our associates who were the most important suppliers of building materials. And we needed to discuss rates with all important vendors.

What happened when you missed it;

I had an accident in the middle of the road when I was reaching my office and my car totally crashed. I also got multiple injuries. I contacted my office staff and they all came to help. My suppliers understood my situation and rescheduled the meeting. They told me health must be given priority. 

And explain how you felt about missing the appointment.

In the beginning I was worried that this accident would ruin both my health and my business. But I was wrong, my partners and associates stood rock solid with me and I came back to business with a bang. Today if someone misses an appointment for a valid reason I totally understand and continue business.

Follow Up Questions for Describe A Time When You Missed an Appointment 

1. Which events in your country do most people forget?

People in my country forget many important events in their life, especially festivals. Sometimes they forget the anniversaries and birthdays of their friends and relatives. This happens due to busy schedules and bad memories. These are some events that people forget in my country.

2. Do you think it is a good idea to use electronic devices for putting reminders?

Absolutely it is in awesome idea to put reminders in electronic devices because people are busy in their work and they are multitasking so many places so they do forget things and it can be harmful for their work and personal life if they use electronic devices to remember things and reminders can be excellent to match the time and appointments they will never forget any important event if they have put reminders in the electronic devices.

3. Do you use them?

Absolutely yes I am surrounded by electronic devices and these gadgets are so much useful for me. I do use them for putting reminders and I use them for my social media accounts. Actually people update everything on this platform and by using these devices I do keep in touch with everyone.

4. How can memory help you to learn a new skill?

Learning a new skill is important and vital if we have a very good memory we can really learn a skill very quickly and we can remember each and every step of the new skill so I believe that a person with a good memory will learn a new skill very quickly.

5. How can modern technology help you keep good memories?

Absolutely yes modern technology has very good cloud storage and all the devices are updated with excellent storage so if we change also all the memories and photos videos are saved in cloud storage and Google drive so I believe that modern technology is useful to keep memories.

6. Is human memory important nowadays?

Absolutely yes, human memory is always important. Artificial memory can be used as a substitute and to help human memory but human memory is the most important thing that helps a person to become successful.

7. Can electronic devices such as smartphones replace human memory?

No, absolutely not smartphones cannot replace human memory because human memory is magical. It has emotions and it has abundant space in the brain while smartphones are like a grain of salt in front of human memory so I believe smartphones will never replace human memory.

8. How often do you make appointments?

I make appointments usually whenever I want to save time I used to call and make my appointments with my doctors lawyers and consultants and by making appointments I do get good time to spend with them and discuss important ideas related to my work so whenever it comes to meet a person with good time I make appointments and I need them without making an appointment and meeting somebody is like unprofessional in today's world.

9. Is it important to be punctual in your country?

Yes, punctuality is a norm in my country. Anybody who is not punctual is not valued or considered less important in my country, so everybody is punctual. It is necessary to be on time and in those commitments. I believe punctuality is the identity of my country.

10. Is it easy to make an appointment in India?

Yeah it is very easy to make an appointment in my country because it has the best digital infrastructure and people are using a lot of devices and the internet is helping to make appointments so yeah it is absolutely good and convenient to make an appointment in India.


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Describe a time when you missed an appointment.

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Describe a story or a novel that was particularly interesting to you.

Describe a movie you would like to watch again

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