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Describe a Time You Had to Finish Domething Quickly IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a time you had to finish something quickly Introduction. Effective time management cultivates success, yet the allure of last-minute preparation remains a familiar dance. The urgency sparks focus, pushing us to harness our abilities and culminate efforts swiftly. In those final moments, we unravel untapped potential to meet the demands of the ticking clock. - What it was. Here I am going to talk about my project submission which I completed in just two days. It was really a hard task for me. Normally I am a punctual person and I keep my academics up to date and don't miss any submission. This was a important project where I enrolled myself and forgot the deadline. - When it happened. It was the last semester of my college and we all were given projects to complete. We normally attend classes and are occupied withots of academic work. My professor assigned us a special project and told us to make a project on waste water management and treatment in u

Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired IELTS CUE CARDS VINODSHARMAIELTS

Today in this technological era we are surrounded by electronic equipment and gadgets. Life is super cool and comfortable with technology. Life without electronic equipment is not possible. And this equipment breaks any time and we have to get them repaired. Replacing is not a good idea but repairing can be cost effective.


Main Answer.
Here I am going to talk about refrigerator that broke down recently.

- What it is.
My father bought a new refrigerator recently which has excellent technology and is fully equipped with features. And we bought it during the festival season so we received a heavy discount.

- How it was broken.
Nobody knows the exact reason what happened to it. But suddenly one evening it stopped working and my mother noticed so she told me about the breakdown.

- How you got it repaired.
I immediately called my friend who is good at technology and he discussed the problem with the company service centre. They told him to change the fuse in the power box and he did and it started working. This happened due to Power fluctuations in our area. It was not a big problem, we solved it very smoothly.

- And how you felt about it.
I felt a sense of satisfaction and was thankful to my friend for helping me in this situation and guiding me with his expert advice.

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Part 3 - Follow-up Questions

Are IT-related jobs valued more by society?
IT is the backbone of the modern market and I believe it's very important in today's business approach. So every company today is physically available in the market as well as virtual presence is also seen and IT professionals make this happen. This guy's drive customers from the world to shops and virtual platforms. And they mark the product's presence in the world market.

 Is the quality of products worse than before?
We can say yes. Today a lot of features are added to existing products and cut throat competition is affecting pricing of products so companies today compromise on durability. On the other hand, some businesses want their customers to come back again so they keep the life cycle of the product short. This gives a boost to consumer culture.

What kinds of things do people like to repair by themselves? 
People like to repair small electronic gadgets. If there is a crack on plastic or rubber they can repair by themselves. On facing big issues people want professionals to repair products.

Why do people like to get their mobile phones repaired in specialised stores? 

One a mobile is opened by a local store it loses its original look and shape. One can easily identify its repairs. And by using first copy parts of the original product it affects the performance of the device. So for these reasons people want their high end devices repaired in specialised stores.
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1.Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired.

2.Describe an ambition that you haven't achieved


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