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Describe a Time You Had to Finish Domething Quickly IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a time you had to finish something quickly Introduction. Effective time management cultivates success, yet the allure of last-minute preparation remains a familiar dance. The urgency sparks focus, pushing us to harness our abilities and culminate efforts swiftly. In those final moments, we unravel untapped potential to meet the demands of the ticking clock. - What it was. Here I am going to talk about my project submission which I completed in just two days. It was really a hard task for me. Normally I am a punctual person and I keep my academics up to date and don't miss any submission. This was a important project where I enrolled myself and forgot the deadline. - When it happened. It was the last semester of my college and we all were given projects to complete. We normally attend classes and are occupied withots of academic work. My professor assigned us a special project and told us to make a project on waste water management and treatment in u

Describe A Movie You Recently Saw And That Disappointed You IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe A Movie You Recently Saw And That Disappointed You.


Watching movies is fun and people love watching different types of movies. Our favorite actors and actresses entertain us and it's one of the best leisure activities. Today movies are made with the help of technology so the viewing experience is on the next level. Some movies entertain and others fail and disappoint us with boring content.


- When it was.- Why you didn't like it.

Recently I watched Adipurush , a movie based on Ramayana and it really disappointed me in so many ways. The story is not related to the epic Ramayana and the dialogues were a disaster . The characters of lord Hanuman don't relate with the real story. The VFX effects of the movie made it look like a cheap cartoon movie.

- Why you decided to watch it

My favorite actor Prabhas was playing the role of lord Rama so I did not want to miss the experience. I am a firm believer in lord Rama and Hanuman so it was definite that I will watch the movie and there was a lot of buzz in the B-Town about the movie. The tickets were sold out and there was a hype created by the PR agencies which all turned down after the release of the movie.

- And explain why you felt disappointed about it.

I felt disappointed just when I heard the dialogues of the characters and it was feeling like they have made a mockery of our legendary gods and it's a cheap attempt to make a movie out of a real mythological story. Critics and audience were not happy at all when they saw the movie first time I also felt disappointed after watching this movie.

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Describe A Movie You Recently Saw And That Disappointed You.


Movies are interesting and a great source of entertainment. Different movies are made all over the world and very few make an impression world wide. Sometimes movies disappoint us just because of weak story, pathetic music,and inexperienced actors.

Why did you hate it?

Here I am going to talk about Joker, a bollywood movie which really disappointed me and everyone who watched it. It was released a few years ago and it made absolutely no sense to me. The plot of the movie was totally unrealistic and the director really did bad work.

What genre was the movie? 

Actually the movie was sci-fi but the visual effects were so bad that actors who played the role of aliens were looking like theater artists. It did not have a drop of science and technology being a science fiction.

When did you watch it?

I watched it when I was in college. We heard about this movie and being a fan of science fiction and Akshay Kumar, a popular Bollywood actor. We all friends booked  a show and went to watch it in the cinema. We were banging our heads after watching this movie. It was not just pathetic but a disaster at times.

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