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Describe a Time You Had to Finish Domething Quickly IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a time you had to finish something quickly Introduction. Effective time management cultivates success, yet the allure of last-minute preparation remains a familiar dance. The urgency sparks focus, pushing us to harness our abilities and culminate efforts swiftly. In those final moments, we unravel untapped potential to meet the demands of the ticking clock. - What it was. Here I am going to talk about my project submission which I completed in just two days. It was really a hard task for me. Normally I am a punctual person and I keep my academics up to date and don't miss any submission. This was a important project where I enrolled myself and forgot the deadline. - When it happened. It was the last semester of my college and we all were given projects to complete. We normally attend classes and are occupied withots of academic work. My professor assigned us a special project and told us to make a project on waste water management and treatment in u

Describe a Household Item You got Repaired IELTS CUE CARDS VINODSHARMAIELTS


We use a lot of machines in our household and this equipment makes our life easy and comfortable. Today life without this technological gadget and equipment is not easy. With the help of these items one can live a very comfortable and luxurious life. When this equipment breakdown life stops for a while we can repair at company authorized service centers or by ourselves by watching YouTube videos.

Main Answer.

Here I am going to talk about an item which broke down and I repaired by myself.

What was it?

Recently my mom was cooking and she was grinding some ingredients in our mixture and suddenly it stopped working. My mom was a little bit worried as guest were coming and she wanted to prepare dinner on time.

What exactly happened to it?

All of sudden it stopped working and she was not able to find out what happened to it. So she called me and told me about the situation. I checked and identified the problem.

How did you fix it?

I checked the fuse and wire and I came to know that due to power fluctuation the fuse was burned so I immediately checked the manual in the box of the mixture and I found one extra fuse. I read the manual properly and changed the fuse and it started working again. This happened due to high voltage and I purchased one extra fuse to avoid this problem again.

How did you feel about it?

I really felt good and satisfied as guests were coming and my mom wanted all the dishes to be prepared on time so I was quite happy to help her by repairing the mixture.

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