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Describe a Time You Had to Finish Domething Quickly IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a time you had to finish something quickly Introduction. Effective time management cultivates success, yet the allure of last-minute preparation remains a familiar dance. The urgency sparks focus, pushing us to harness our abilities and culminate efforts swiftly. In those final moments, we unravel untapped potential to meet the demands of the ticking clock. - What it was. Here I am going to talk about my project submission which I completed in just two days. It was really a hard task for me. Normally I am a punctual person and I keep my academics up to date and don't miss any submission. This was a important project where I enrolled myself and forgot the deadline. - When it happened. It was the last semester of my college and we all were given projects to complete. We normally attend classes and are occupied withots of academic work. My professor assigned us a special project and told us to make a project on waste water management and treatment in u

Describe a short trip that you often take but you do not like IELTS CUE CARDS VINODSHARMAIELTS


Everybody likes traveling and they travel for different reasons. People travel for work, leisure, entertainment,and jobs. Sometimes travelling is so enjoyable and if the roads,and traffic are an issue then travelling becomes a headache. 


Main Answer.

Here I am going to talk about my daily commute to work.

- where you go- why you go there

I live in the Hinterland of the city and I have to travel to the old city. My office is located in the heart of my city and I have to commute daily more than fifty kilometres. It's a troublesome journey and I hate it but for work I have to make it. Sometimes the traffic is too much and this journey becomes a headache. I arrived late to my office. When I travel by two-wheeler it's fine but driving a car in old city on the narrow streets requires driving skills.

- when you go there.

I travel everyday. My day begins with a boring journey. Now I have started using the metro so it is a little bit fine. I don't have to face traffic but the rush in the metro is again a problem. But one thing I like about urban public transport is it's fast and reliable. Early in the morning I don't get a seat but in the evening I enjoy this ride. I get an overview of the city. And the setting sun is awesome.

- And explain why you do not like this trip.

I don't like this trip because of traffic and pollution. On roads everyday I see people meeting with accidents. So I feel fear on roads and cars get stuck in between a jam for hours so I hate to make such trips. When I have to travel by car it's most annoying for me.


Do Indian people like to travel abroad?

Yes Indians are travel freaks and they enjoy the outdoors. When it comes to a trip abroad, every Indian would love it. Indian are extroverts in nature so they love to talk and travel.

How much time do you think people should spend on a trip abroad?

Travelling abroad is fun and spending time abroad is awesome but two to three weeks is enough to explore one country and its culture. Sometimes it takes more time also people enjoy such journeys.

Who prefers traveling abroad, the young or the old?

Both of them love to travel abroad. There is nothing like a generation gap when it comes to travelling. Younger people loves beaches and mountains, while elderly people like silent places.

Which is better for knowing more about a country traveling or reading books about it?

Travelling is the best option for exploring the place and culture, but if you read about the place first then the journey becomes more interesting. One can get a good overview about the place by reading about it. But when it comes to experience visiting is the best. 


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