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Describe A Sport That You Only Have Watched Before But Have Not Played Yourself IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself. Introduction. Sports is something that everybody enjoys to play and watch. This really disconnects us from the real world and makes us totally engrossed in the game. Playing sports helps to strengthen our physical and mental strength while watching it also can give an adrenaline rush if the game reaches a tough competition. - What it is Here I am going to talk about football and it's my most favorite game all over the world and people are die hard fans of this game. In my country India people are cricket fans they enjoy playing and watching cricket and football is less played compared to cricket. - When you watched it. I am a cricket fan and I have played this game regularly since my childhood. Recently our city council decided to organize all outdoor games in the sports club and the motive was to promote sports so they included football teams from nearby towns. In summer all this games

Describe a friend whose talks you find interesting IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a friend whose talks you find interesting.


Talking to friends is always relaxing and one can pour heart out in front of our friends without any hesitation. Friends give us advice and support unconsciously. We normally discuss our doubts and daily activities with our near and dear friends. We all have one friend whom we trust from the bottom of our heart.

Main Answer.

Here I am going to talk about my best friend who makes interesting conversations.

What is the name of the friend?

My childhood friend Joe is the person who enlightens me with his interesting conversations. He works in the media so he knows everything inside out. I get to know every information raw and real. He also has good knowledge about current affairs.

What does he talk about?

Joe talks about almost everything going on in the world. He has excellent knowledge on political affairs, economy and financial topics. He gets the opportunity to interact with the figureheads of the industry so he shares deep and heavy content with me on a daily basis.

Why are his talks interesting?

His talks are always interesting just because he knows the art of discussion and he interviews celebrities and politicians in detail and makes them so comfortable in the interview that they give him really very essential and vital information regarding their field.

SEPTEMBER TO DECEMBER 2022 (With answers)

  1. Describe a fountain you really liked
  2. Describe a musical instrument that you learnt/play.
  3. Describe a tourist attraction in your country
  4. Describe a friend whose talks you find interesting
  5. Describe a joke that made you laugh
  6. Talk About A City You Recently Visited
  7. Describe a time when you were asked an opinion in a survey
  8. Describe a debatable issue
  9. Describe a lesson you learnt
  10. Describe a person who works on space exploration
  11. Describe a time when you spent the night without electricity


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