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Describe a time you had to finish something quickly Introduction. Effective time management cultivates success, yet the allure of last-minute preparation remains a familiar dance. The urgency sparks focus, pushing us to harness our abilities and culminate efforts swiftly. In those final moments, we unravel untapped potential to meet the demands of the ticking clock. - What it was. Here I am going to talk about my project submission which I completed in just two days. It was really a hard task for me. Normally I am a punctual person and I keep my academics up to date and don't miss any submission. This was a important project where I enrolled myself and forgot the deadline. - When it happened. It was the last semester of my college and we all were given projects to complete. We normally attend classes and are occupied withots of academic work. My professor assigned us a special project and told us to make a project on waste water management and treatment in u


Talk About A City You Recently Visited.


City's have their own identity and culture. India being a diverse country there are so many different cities known for their culture and heritage. Some Cities are known for their excellent infrastructure while others are known for their heritage. Indian metro cities have excellent infrastructure in terms of health, education and entertainment along with job and business opportunities.

Main Answer.Name of the city?

Here I am going to talk about VADODARA which is close to my heart and it's extremely beautiful and interesting.

Where is it located?

VADODARA is located in the middle of Gujarat and known as the cultural city of my state. This city has its own taste of everything. People from different demographics of India live here peacefully and celebrate their life. Vadodara is also known as Baroda. A princely state of Maharaja Sayajirao gaekwad. Sir Sayajirao Gayakwad encouraged everyone from his state to be educated and he established one of the leading Universities, M.S.University. in this city. Apart from education Vadodara is also known for its huge gardens Every corner of this city has huge gardens. And the most popular is Kamati garden. Talking about food Savusal is the most popular snack consumed by everyone here.

What did you do there?

I have completed my bachelor's and Master's education in this city so I lived here for almost five years and during this time fell in love with this city. I spent my most memorable days here. During my education I visited several places in this city and today it holds a very important position in my life.

And Would you like to visit it again?

Yes definitely,Vadodara is completely different from other cities. It has its own culture and it's a peaceful city with very good infrastructure. The city has history and this attracts and differentiates it from other cities in Gujarat. The Laxmi Vilas Palace in the city is the most visited place by tourists and it's the largest private dwelling built to date and four times the size of Buckingham Palace.

Model Answer 2


Life in the urban areas is always exciting. People feel the civic pride in metro cities. The infrastructure attracts many people from the rural areas. The skyscrapers, business houses, hospitals,hotels, and casinos in the city are the centre of attraction.

Main Answer.

Here I am going to talk about New York, a city which needs no introduction.

Where it is.

Newyork is located in the United States of America and it's the most important city after Washington, the capital of America. Life in Newyork is always on the next level.

What it is famous for.

Newyork is famous for its lifestyle. People in this city live a very comfortable life with luxury and comfort. All the trends in the world begin here. Apart from lifestyle this city is also known for its skyscrapers and modern amenities.

How did you know this city?

I have read a lot about this city. It is one of the top most cities in the world. Everybody wants to live here. It's my dream City so I follow everything happening in this city. Today social media platforms provide ample information and we can know whatever we want to know of our favourite city.

And explain why you think it is very interesting.

It is an interesting city as popular celebrities live here and successful business tycoons, pop stars and powerful people who influence the world live here. The infrastructure of this city is excellent in the form of health, education,and entertainment. So I think it's an interesting city.

Model Answer 3


Living in urban areas is fantastic and a city with good infrastructure in the form of business, health, education and entertainment is the top choice to settle. Many of the people move to cities for better life and livelihood. Education,and jobs. With excellent facilities of entertainment,food and beverage city's attract people, The high-rise buildings, towers and nightlife also has a magnetic effect on the youth.

Main Answer-Where it is.

Here I am going to talk abou Mumbai. It is also well known as Bombay and it's the economic capital of India. And one of the top cities in the world. With the best quality of life. The diversity of the city allows people to live peacefully here and celebrate life. It is the main city of Maharashtra in the west coast of india. People from all over India come here in search of livelihood. This city has an ocean of opportunity in the form of jobs and business.

What it is famous for.

This city is famous for its coastlines and beaches. Bollywood is also located here people working in the movie industry live here so it's the city of glitz and glamour. 

How did you know this city?

I have traveled here many times for my job purpose and my relatives live here so I often travel to this city. I love the street market and food here. All products are available from the highest range to reasonable price.

And explain why you think it is very interesting.

I see my bright future here so I would love to settle here for my career prospects and progression. The civic pride of the people attracts me as a magnet to come and live here.

Part 3 - Follow-up Questions

1. Why do some people like to visit historical places?

People go to historical cities to learn/gain knowledge about the past, the way of life of the people in the past, their culture, their roots, and the architecture. 

2. Why do people go to modern city

People visit modern cities for various purposes. Some go for work/business reasons, and some for tourism. Those who travel for pleasure to modern cities is to experience a life, where modern technology is incorporated in every aspect of life and to learn and see how people there are using technology in their daily lives. Singapore is a very good example of such a city, where we can not only experience the modern way of life, but also see how they have used modernization to help preserve and enrich the environment. 

3. What are the problems caused by maintaining a historical city?

The problems that maintenance of a historical city perhaps can cause are related to the funds required for the restoration and upkeep of the city. Another issue could be the pressure on the resources of that city because of tourism.

4. Do you think having too many tourists is a positive thing for historical attractions?

No, I don’t think so. I believe that too many tourists will lead to pollution and also will affect the upkeep of historical sites. Such sites need a lot of care and maintenance and limiting the number of visitors to such sites can help maintain them, prevent damage to such sites, and also sustains tourism.

5. What can we do to stop visitors from damaging historical places?

To prevent the damage to historical places by the visitors to such places many measures can be taken. There should be strict punishments, like high fines for the people who try to cause harm. There should be security personnel employed to ensure that no one tries to damage the historical places and along with that there should be security cameras installed to monitor the activities of the tourists. There can be tourist guides appointed, who also can ensure that no one causes any damage. 

6. Do you think too many tourists is a positive thing for historical attractions?

In my opinion having too many tourists has both advantages and disadvantages


1. It ensures that our history and culture is passed to the future generation

2. It brings revenue and business for the people of the city where the historical 

attraction is.


1. Too many tourists can cause damage to the historical attractions

How do public places change in towns or cities?

Public places are changing rapidly and everything is modernized with the latest technology. Roads and buildings are becoming wider and taller with growing technology. Increasing demand for space in city's is pushing people to create more space.

What public places do old people usually go to?

 Old people like to go to places where there is silence and peace. They do not like the noise and traffic of the city. So they spend their quality time in gardens and parks. They even like to visit spiritual places.

Why do young people like to go to public places?

Young people go to public places for entertainment, attending concerts, gathering, playing outdoor games, and hanging out with their buddy's. They can feel free in these places and do their favourite things.

 Will more people move to cities in the future?

Absolutely yes, more and more people will move to urban areas. Today everyone wants a better lifestyle, education,and business opportunity and the city is the only place which offers all things in one place. Today people want good infrastructure in the form of health, entertainment, and education so they prefer to live in urban areas.

SEPTEMBER TO DECEMBER 2022 (With answers)

  1. Describe a fountain you really liked
  2. Describe a musical instrument that you learnt/play.
  3. Describe a tourist attraction in your country
  4. Describe a friend whose talks you find interesting
  5. Describe a joke that made you laugh
  6. Talk About A City You Recently Visited
  7. Describe a time when you were asked an opinion in a survey
  8. Describe a debatable issue
  9. Describe a lesson you learnt
  10. Describe a person who works on space exploration
  11. Describe a time when you spent the night without electricity


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