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Describe a Time You Had to Finish Domething Quickly IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a time you had to finish something quickly Introduction. Effective time management cultivates success, yet the allure of last-minute preparation remains a familiar dance. The urgency sparks focus, pushing us to harness our abilities and culminate efforts swiftly. In those final moments, we unravel untapped potential to meet the demands of the ticking clock. - What it was. Here I am going to talk about my project submission which I completed in just two days. It was really a hard task for me. Normally I am a punctual person and I keep my academics up to date and don't miss any submission. This was a important project where I enrolled myself and forgot the deadline. - When it happened. It was the last semester of my college and we all were given projects to complete. We normally attend classes and are occupied withots of academic work. My professor assigned us a special project and told us to make a project on waste water management and treatment in u

Describe a Time when you had to go to See a Doctor IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a time when you had to go to see a doctor.


Today, keeping fit and living an active lifestyle is necessary. Health is everybody's priority and no one wants to compromise on health. After the pandemic people have become more health conscious and they keep in touch with their family doctor. Avoiding body symptoms can lead to severe conditions that we all have seen recently.

Main Answer 

Here I am going to talk about a time when I visited my family doctor.

 What was the problem?When did it happen?

I was feeling a little bit unwell in the morning when I woke up for work and I realised there was a mild pain in my chest. Gradually this was increasing so I was a bit worried and I talked to my parents. They immediately consulted our family doctor and booked his appointment and decided not to go offline and rest till I feel good.

My doctor asked me some questions related to the last meal and other lifestyle patterns. He also did some tests like ECG and checked my hypertension. He found everything like normal. He prescribed me some medicine and told me it was an infection in my stomach and gas because of food I had eaten last night. Listening to this I was relieved.

 How did you feel about it?

When I reached the hospital and the doctor was running the test I became so conscious and worried about my condition but after the proper diagnosis and consultation with my doctor I felt good and decided not to eat anything unhealthy at night especially I was suggested to eat a balanced diet and exercise everyday. I have started going to the gym and playing outdoor games. Even I follow the diet plan given to me.

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