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Describe A Person Who Likes To Buy Goods With Low Prices IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a person who likes to buy goods with low prices. Introduction. Everybody loves shopping and there are many places where one can buy affordable goods. Street markets are popular destinations for buying things at a very reasonable price and the majority of people like to visit streets to buy household things. Those who are specific about the product or brand they go to brand outlets or malls. - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my friend Rakesh who is super conscious about saving money. He doesn't like to spend a penny extra so he does a remoteview before buying anything and finds the best deal. Rakesh is a school friend so I know him from my childhood and from his early days I also accompanied him in street markets to buy things. - What this person likes to buy Rakesh likes to buy almost everything from the streets like electronic gadgets, clothes, footwear, stationary,books, playing equipment and many more he has almost everything that is needed



1. Do you like animals? 

Yes I like animals, especially pet animals and domestic animals. They are very important and helpful in our daily life. I like pet animals and I like when they are around us I like to play with them.

2. What's your favourite animal? (Why?) 

My favourite animal is horse and it represents strength so I like it very much.

3. What's your favourite wild animal? (Why?) 

My favourite wild animal is the lion as in the animal kingdom lion is referred to as the king of the Jungle so like lion as my favourite wild animal.

4. Are people in your country fond of animals? 

Yes people are very much formed of animals in my country as my country is an agricultural country. A lot of people have domestic animals in their farms in their house and they really treat these animals as their family members.

5. Do many people in your country keep animals at home (or, keep a pet)? OR Do people in your country like to raise animals? 

Animal husbandry is a popular business in the countryside of my country so people like to keep domestic animals like cow buffalo horse and axis in their farms for their agriculture needs and other people keep pet animals like cat and dogs in their house as a pet animal today it is a growing trend that people keep fish as a pet also in some part of my country people keep birds as their pet animals so it is very popular in my country to keep animals at home.

6. What kinds of animals do people in your county (or, hometown) keep? OR What kinds of pets do people have in your hometown? 

People in my hometown especially have domestic animals in their house like cows, buffalo , goat, sheep and horses as their domestic animals. People keep cows for dairy products and people have horses for leisure activities and travelling to remote places. These are some animals that people like to keep in my hometown.

7. Compared with the past, have there been any changes concerning pets in your country/hometown?

I don't think there is any specific change concerning pet in my country or my hometown just because of medical advancement today people are getting that pet animals vaccinated and they take very good health care of their pet animals also in the past this health care was not taken care very much so the pet animals used to die but today there are veterinary doctors who really give good medicine to the animals and if needed they also do surgery to keep them alive fit and fine.

8. Do you think pets are important? 

Yes pets are important when a person is living alone. A pet can be a very good companion to them so pet animals are important in my country. People like to have pet dogs and cats. Sometimes dogs are also raised for the security of the house.

9. Do you think cities are suitable places for keeping a pet? 

Cities are not very suitable to keep pet animals because pet animals require a lot of space in houses and in the surrounding society is not a very good place but still people keep small birds and turtles as pet animals in their houses.

11. Do you think farm animals are important? 

Farm animals are very much important in agriculture, they help to grow plants and they help in agriculture activities so farm animals are very much important. In the past these animals were also used as a very important mode of transportation.

12. How are these animals used? OR In what ways are animals used in agriculture in your country? 

There are so many activities in farms where animals are used, especially in farming. In traditional farming the use of animals is very vital. Otherwise they are used to transport towards farm and coming back to home animals carry all important equipment on their animal carts.

13. Do you think raising farm animals is important? 

Yes raising farm animals is very important as they provide essential dairy products and that can be healthy for 1 so if we are having animals at our home we will get fresh daily products.

14. What's the most famous wild animal from your country?

In my country line is the most famous wild animal and in the world there are so many lions but majority of the lions are in India and they belong to my state Gujarat.

15. What's your favourite wild animal (from your country)? 

So many popular and famous wild animals in my country like tigers and lions have their unique qualities and people admire these animals for their hunting skill.

17. Did you learn something about wild animals at school? 

In my school days I was always fascinated towards animals and I have learned a lot of skills from animals, especially leadership skills from lions. Wild animals are so much dependent on their own self so I am so fascinated about hunting skills and their survival skills in the wild.

18. Where can you see wild animals?

The first place to see wild animals is the forest . Other than this we can see wild animals in zoos they are kept for educational and entertainment purposes. 




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