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Describe A Person Who Likes To Buy Goods With Low Prices IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a person who likes to buy goods with low prices. Introduction. Everybody loves shopping and there are many places where one can buy affordable goods. Street markets are popular destinations for buying things at a very reasonable price and the majority of people like to visit streets to buy household things. Those who are specific about the product or brand they go to brand outlets or malls. - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my friend Rakesh who is super conscious about saving money. He doesn't like to spend a penny extra so he does a remoteview before buying anything and finds the best deal. Rakesh is a school friend so I know him from my childhood and from his early days I also accompanied him in street markets to buy things. - What this person likes to buy Rakesh likes to buy almost everything from the streets like electronic gadgets, clothes, footwear, stationary,books, playing equipment and many more he has almost everything that is needed

Describe a company where you live that employs a lot of people.TCS IELTS CUE CARDS VINODSHARMAIELTS


Today all the company's are functioning Nationality and Internationally. Outsourcing has become an important part of morden business. Many businesses today provide their goods and services internationally. So these companies hire a huge number of employees. They provide excellent career progression and work environment to urban and rural areas of my country.

Main Answer

Here I am going to talk about an company which employs a lot of people.

- What it does.

The name of this company is TCS Tata Consultancy Services. The brand tata is widely popular in India and abroad they deal in many businesses like Steel,cars, telecom, cement salt,and many more TCS is a part of tata group and they function in providing Software services to public and private organisations. This company works on a national and international level.

- How many people it employs.

TCS Employs almost ten thousand employees from my neighborhood cities and it's located in the capital of Gujarat gandhinagar. It has several branches in my state and country. In my city only ten thousand people work from home and office. This company provides excellent perks and bonuses to their employees and job satisfaction is much higher than other companies.

- What kind of people work there?

In this company there is a wide range of employees from Blue collar and whight collar jobs. Most of the people from the IT industry work here as they deal exclusively in software. They develop programs for clients and most of the work comes from outsourcing. Companies from countries like America and Britain outsource their work in India.

- How you feel about it.

I feel proud of this company as it provides employment to people and makes livelihood better in the city. Many employees are happily working here and they give very positive feedback working here so it is a company the nation can feel proud of.

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Is it easy to find a job in India?

Yes,it is but people don't want to work blue collar jobs, and white collar jobs have cut throat competition where a million are running for a hundred jobs. There's a huge imbalance in the job sector.

What should the government do if there is unemployment?

Government should organise trainings for unemployment people and do PPP Programs with private business which can develop and provide employment to many people

Is a high salary important?

Absolutely yes, Salary is everything we do to work in expectations of salary and if we are well paid then working is fun and interesting. On the other hand, underpaid workers are not so productive.

How can a small company grow big?

A small company can grow big by increasing the customer base in different areas and Explanations of products to different areas. Marketing and advertising can help a lot in the growth of a small company.


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