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Describe A Person Who Likes To Buy Goods With Low Prices IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

Describe a person who likes to buy goods with low prices. Introduction. Everybody loves shopping and there are many places where one can buy affordable goods. Street markets are popular destinations for buying things at a very reasonable price and the majority of people like to visit streets to buy household things. Those who are specific about the product or brand they go to brand outlets or malls. - Who this person is. Here I am going to talk about my friend Rakesh who is super conscious about saving money. He doesn't like to spend a penny extra so he does a remoteview before buying anything and finds the best deal. Rakesh is a school friend so I know him from my childhood and from his early days I also accompanied him in street markets to buy things. - What this person likes to buy Rakesh likes to buy almost everything from the streets like electronic gadgets, clothes, footwear, stationary,books, playing equipment and many more he has almost everything that is needed

Describe a time when you first talked in a foreign language IELTS CUE CARDS VINOD SHARMA IELTS

Describe a time when you first talked in a 

foreign language


Talking in a foreign language is always existing and looks fancy. People Today travel the world for various reasons and they learn different languages to communicate and connect with the locals and their culture. Today learning international language is also important for education and business.


Main Answer.

Here I am going to talk about a time I communicated in French.

- Where were you

I was in my home town and after high school I was preparing for my abroad education. So I came to know French language is the first language in Canada so I started taking interest in this language.

- Who you were with

I joined a class where there were many students who wanted to learn French. We all learnt different modules of this language and we communicated in French regularly. This really helped me to hone my language skills.

- What did you talk about

In the beginning I was able to talk words and simple single sentences about basic things but with regular practice I started learning more vocabulary and I was able to read and write also. This practice made me close to native speakers. talking with my friends.

- And explain how you felt about it.

I felt good about my new skill and I wanted to show all my friends so I used to talk in French with them also. Learning an international language is really useful when it comes to international education and business. I think everybody should learn at least one international language.

Follow up questions.

At what age should children start learning a foreign language?

Learning actually needs no age. But when it comes to Children it's good if they start learning a language at a small age. So they can master that language in higher education. 

Which skill is more important, speaking or writing?

I think both skills are important in communication. Speaking is important informally and writing is important formally.In a language all the modules are important to operate smoothly. One can express well when they know both writing and speaking.

Does a person still need to learn another language if he is good at English?

Yes, learning the language is never a waste of time, it can be useful any time in life. But in my opinion learning English is very important in the current situation. Other languages can be optional but English is compulsory. The world understands this language and accepts it also.

 Do you think minority languages will disappear?

Yes, one day this may happen if Western culture spreads at this rate today. The new generation may not know anything about their origin and language. And many languages will come near to extinction. So one should try to protect their language by learning and transmitting it to the next generation. This is the only way to keep culture alive.

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